Planning & Zoning Qtrly Meeting April 2022

Arvon Township Planning Commission Quarterly Meeting

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Call to Order:  6 p.m.

Roll Call:  Nancy Strohschein, Chairperson; Ken Anderson, Zoning Administrator; Joe Bollech, Trustee; Bob Janda, Township Board Representative; Jay Loman, Trustee; Robert Lindert, Trustee; Linnea Barron, Secretary.

Recognition of visitors:  Bette Gabe

Pledge of Allegiance:  Pledge recited.

Comments on agenda:  None.

Approval of agenda:  Robert made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded by Bob, motion carried.

Approval of minutes from January 12, 2022 quarterly minutes.  Jay made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Robert, motion carried.

Public comments:  None

Old Business: 

  1. Planning commission comments/concerns:  Nancy is new to the chairperson position and is hoping to get caught up by July.  Noted she is doing a great job.
  2. Bob Janda:  Report from Township Board Representative:  None.
  3. Jay Loman:  Report of Zoning Board of Appeals Representative:  None.
  4. Update on Master Plan and Recreation Plan:  Work continues on the Master Plan especially on the goals and objectives portion.  The work sessions are productive and a work session will follow this meeting.
  5. Solar Energy:  Ken has reviewed two solar energy systems on Vicks Road, with two more to review.  We reviewed Baraga Township’s Solar Energy section in their ordinance and feel that this would be something we could adopt.  There was an exception to a height restriction and decision to remove this was made.  Also, all solar energy systems need a permit and inspection.  A motion was made by Nancy to accept the solar energy systems from Baraga Township into our ordinance with exclusion of height restriction, seconded by Robert.  All approved and motion carried.
  6. Off-grid living:  Ken presented a map showing a development off of Karschney Road with seventeen (17) parcels, some of which are sold.  The map shows easement but not to all the parcels. 
  7. Ken stated there are ten (10) new homes going up in the township; Townline Rd, Black Creek Rd, St. Syr, Paulson Rd, Karschney Rd, Miron Drive, Sicotte Rd, Ravenwood, and Park Road.
  8. At the January quarterly meeting, we discussed the request from Ken to make a change on page 27 in the ordinance under Recreational Unit, to delete the word ‘tent’ from the definition.  Also, to add a new definition for ‘tent’ to read:  Tent:  A temporary movable fabric or membrane shelter or enclosure for transient recreational activities.  A motion was not made at that time and at this meeting Nancy made a motion to make the change to delete the word ‘tent’ on page 27, and to add the new definition for tent to the ordinance.  Linnea seconded, and all approved, motion carried.

New Business: 

  1. Correspondence received:  None.
  2. Annual report to Township Board.  Nancy will get minutes from previous annual reports.
  3. Dark Skies plan and requirements:  Robert shared information he had for a Dark Skies designation and steps to take to handle the lighting around Arvon Township now to address bright lighting.
  4. Robert and Nancy are our new members and attended a Michigan Association of Planning training class.  They found this beneficial. 

Next Quarterly Meeting:  July 13, 2022, 6 p.m. at the Firehall or Townhall.

Adjournment:  Bob made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Joe, motion carried.  Time adjourned:  7:02 p.m. Submitted by Linnea Barron, Secretary