Township Board Meeting Minutes August 2021


CALL TO ORDER:   Supervisor Jay Fish called the Regular Board meeting to order at 6:00 P.M. at the Arvon Township fire hall on August 2, 2021.

ROLL CALL OF MEMBERS PRESENT: Jay Fish-Supervisor, Krystal Eliason-Treasurer, Lisa Marinich-Clerk, Robert Janda-Trustee , Chris Walmhoff-Trustee.

MINUTES APPROVAL: Wahmhoff motioned, seconded by Janda to approve the July 5, 2021 minutes.  All in favor, motion passed.

AGENDA APPROVAL: Marinich motioned, seconded by Eliason to approve the agenda.   All in favor, motion passed.

PUBLIC COMMENT:  Linnea Barron thanked everyone that turned out for the Master Plan meeting.  It gave Jason McCarthy a lot to work on. 

OLD BUSINESS:  Leslie Elmblad was present, he explained that the Kallio fund is in good shape.  The fund is donating $1,500.00 to the township towards the spring clean-up.  He also is concerned with all the stumps at the cemetery.  The Kallio fund would be interested in paying half to hire Tikky’s Tree Service for the removal of 63 or so stumps and 2 tree removals.  The estimated cost would be $3,900.00.  Marinich motioned, seconded by Janda to approve splitting the bill for the removal of the stumps and trees at the cemetery.  All in favor, motion passed.   Leslie Elmblad would like to look into topsoil for the cemetery soon also.

– After discussion, the Township board is going to resend on paying the ORV program $3,000.00 as for now. Marinich motioned, seconded by Janda.  All in favor, motion passed.  The board agreed to have Wahmhoff submit a bill to the township for time he spent on behalf of Arvon Township.

-Concerns of the large rocks that were moved at Point Abbaye, people are driving right to the point now.  Baraga County was dong a project there, they may be putting them back when they are complete.

-Concerns of what Arvon Township is going to do about the dust control on the roads.  There is nothing in place as of now, it costs approximately $14.00 a bag for chloride that will take care of approximately 30 ft.  This will be discussed next spring.  Possibly a 50/50 split between the resident and the township.  

NEW BUSINESS:  Mr. Grant was present at the meeting with concerns with people that are living on Karcshney Rd.  He lives close to them, doesn’t feel safe.  Sheriff Brogan was at the meeting, let him know that the sheriff’s department did get out there, they claim it was an accident. 

-Eliason motioned, seconded by Wahmhoff to approve hiring Rukkila to do the townships F-65 annual form.  All in favor, motion passed.



TREASURER’S REPORT: Eliason gave the monthly Treasurer’s Report.  General Fund-$309,180.55 Ambulance/EMT Fund-$38,624.95 Fire Fund-$224,040.07 Liquor Fund-$480.16, Road Fund-$70,271.81. Janda motioned, seconded by Wamhofff to approve the Treasurer’s Report.  All in favor, motion passed.      

BILL APPROVAL:  Eliason motioned, seconded by Janda to approve the bills.   All in favor, motion passed.

NEXT MEETING DATE:   Due to the Labor Day holiday, the next meeting date will be September 13, 2021 at 6:00 P.M. at the Fire hall.

ADJOURN: Marinich motioned, seconded by Eliason to adjourn at 6:50 P.M.  All in favor, motion passed.

Lisa M. Marinich/Arvon Township Clerk