Arvon Township

Welcome to Arvon Township, Michigan

The Skanee Town Hall is situated on Park Road in the rural community of Skanee, MI, and sits midway between the Skanee Fire Hall and post office. The hall was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1981.

The hall is a stately, two-story building which was constructed in 1915. The plan specifications were developed by Charles W. Maass, an architect from Hancock, and built by Fred Carlson, also from Hancock. The Skanee Town Hall was built to accommodate the various needs of the early settlers and homesteaders of Arvon Township. In a small, rural, developing community the local government played a major role. The hall provided a public community center to conduct the required meetings and other governmental responsibilities. Through the years the hall has been used for a variety of recreational venues such as square dancing, volleyball, public forums, concerts, pageants, movie theater, school programs, wedding receptions, graduation parties and many other activities. The Skanee Town Hall continues to play a vital role in sustaining a sense of community for Arvon Township residents.

Visiting the Skanee Town Hall is a must for anyone that enjoys and appreciates history of Michigan’s early settlements. As you enter the main doors of the hall you will see pictures with descriptions mounted on the walls. These pictures give you a true visual account of what it was like settling the frontier. Many pictures show the original homesteaders with their families at their new home. Also included are photographs of the local businesses that developed such as logging and fishing. This room of the town hall will help many reminisce and appreciate the challenges the early settlers and homesteaders experienced in their new environment.

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